I’m a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt consultant. What is that exactly?

It means that I help companies and organizations improve customer satisfaction, improve quality and efficiency, reduce inventory and backlogs, engage employees in improving their work, and reduce costs using proven improvement methods of Lean and Six Sigma.

I also care about the environment and our society. There are many challenges in the world that need attention, as described by the UN Sustainable Development goals.

My early work on improvement was at Rockwell Collins, where I spent 18 years learning the skills and honing my craft. In 2017, I started my own consulting firm (Business Performance Improvement) to combine my skills of Lean and Six Sigma with my desire to support sustainability projects and initiatives.

I’m trying to share my skills and experience with:

  • green and eco-friendly businesses
  • nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)
  • not-for-profit organizations
  • mission-driven organizations
  • government agencies
  • companies looking to improve their social and environmental responsibility (like B Corporations and Benefit companies)

I have two books on Amazon about “Lean Six Sigma for Good” and a website at LeanSixSigmaForGood.com

My studies at the University of Iowa resulted in a BS in Statistics and a MS in Quality Management and Productivity. I was fortunate to earn a football scholarship after walking on the team, and I attended training camp with the New York Giants and played indoor football professionally for a few years after college.

I grew up in Iowa City, attended City High School, and have lived in Cedar Rapids (IA), Melbourne (FL), Portland (OR), and will be moving to St Louis (MO) in 2021.

Want to talk to me about any of these topics? Let’s connect!