2006 – Saw the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” and it opened my eyes to the climate crisis, and how my data analysis and improvement skills could help.

2008 – Joined the ISO 14001 Team in Melbourne, and launched Green Belt projects to reduce paper, electricity and solid waste.

2009 – Joined a new group, the Global Sustainability Team, and later moved back to Iowa to work on this initiative at the corporate headquarters. The team developed and rolled out a plan for facilities to increase their sustainability efforts. We also launched a Black Belt project on reducing electricity in the largest facility. The project saved $300,000 in electricity.

2010 – Joined the Green Workplace Community of Practice. Helped develop Energy “Go and See” program, and participated in multiple events.

2011 – Switched out my car for a used Prius. Kicked off football recycling project at Kinnick Stadium. Helped organize the first Earth Day Fair at Rockwell Collins. Completed SME Green Manufacturing Specialist certificate at Purdue, and completed Senior Certified Sustainability Professional program.

2012 – Installed solar panels on my house in Florida. Completed full season of Game Day recycling program at stadium, which included a waste audit (dumpster dive) in November. Completed my Certificate of Sustainability from the University of Iowa. Organized 2nd Earth Day Fair at Rockwell Collins.  Joined the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (formerly IIE) Sustainable Development Division (SDD). Went an entire summer in Florida without air conditioning, and saved $1200. Held Lean and the Environment workshop for the Iowa Lean Consortium.

2013 – Organized 3rd Earth Day Fair at Rockwell Collins. Transferred to Portland, Oregon to work at Wilsonville location (near Portland).

2014 – Started Wilsonville Green Team. Launched LeanSixSigmaEnvironment.org website. Started work on Leaders in Sustainability certification. Switched to a vegan lifestyle to reduce suffering and environmental impacts thanks to Bite Size Vegan. Wrote article Continuously Improving Sustainability in Institute for Industrial Engineers (IIE) monthly magazine describing Lean and Six Sigma efforts led at Rockwell Collins.

2015 – Organized 1st Earth Day Fair at Rockwell Collins in Wilsonville. Achieved Gold level Leaders in Sustainability certification from Clackamas County through various sustainability improvements. Kicked off Green Belt project to reduce electricity. Achieved TRUE Zero Waste Business Associate certificate. Joined the nonprofit organization Recycling Advocates as a board member, and helped launch the “Single-use Coffee Cup Reduction” campaign. Conducted mini Energy “Go and See” event over holiday break. Organized volunteer event at Habitat for Humanity Restore in Anaheim (CA) for IISE community project. Joined Lean Portland organization to help nonprofits with process improvement. Taught “Lean Six Sigma and the Environment” course, “Lean Six Sigma for Environmental Professionals” and “Lean Six Sigma for Environmental Managers.” Received annual corporate ES&H pollution prevention award for composting program.

2016 – Bought a Chevy Spark EV, and moved into a small mobile home (400 sq ft). Organized 2nd Earth Day Fair at Rockwell Collins in Wilsonville. Re-launched Global Sustainability Team as a Six Sigma program. Named President of Recycling Advocates. Launched employee “Green Bag” education sessions. Joined Lean and Sustainable Consortium. Helped get electric vehicle (EV) charging station implemented. Developed and launched SustainableEngineer.org website as part of IISE SDD initiative to support UN Sustainable Development goals.  Completed Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility (CISR) practitioner program. Started volunteering with nonprofits through Lean Portland. Wrote article about my sustainability work at Rockwell Collins.

2017 – Started working with nonprofits The Rebuilding Center and Free Geek on lean improvements through Lean Portland, and agreed to become the Community Consulting lead, overseeing all nonprofit projects in Portland. Helped Hatch Labs achieve the City of Portland Sustainability at Work Silver certification. Received Good Energy Award for work with Community Energy Project. Organized 3rd Earth Day Fair at Rockwell Collins in Wilsonville. Supported development of Six Sigma Sustainability corporate plan for Rockwell Collins, which is a road map for improvements over the next 3-5 years. Developed new website, called LeanSixSigmaforGood.com, which collects articles/videos/podcasts showing lean improvements with nonprofits.

2018 – BPI became a member of 1% for the Planet. Nonprofit volunteering with Portland Metro Restore, Central City Concern, Free Geek, and The Rebuilding Center. Completed workshop series Lean Six Sigma and Wasted Food.

2019 – Volunteer project with Green Banana Paper in Micronesia. Committed BPI to the NetZero 2030 commitment. Released new book “Lean Six Sigma for Good: Lessons from the Gemba (Volume 1)

2020 – Volunteer nonprofit projects with Oregon City Farmers Market and Oregon Food Bank. Completed board term with Recycling Advocates. Released audiobook version of “Lean Six Sigma for Good: Lessons from the Gemba (Volume 1)

2021 – Launching Lean and Green program with Washington Dept of Ecology. Completed 1st project with Romac Industries reducing wastewater and saving money.

2022 – Installed solar panels on my mother-in-law’s house in St. Louis.

2023 – Released new book “Lean Six Sigma for Good: Lessons from the Gemba (Volume 2).” Launched Smile t-shirts to raise money for ovarian and breast cancer.